Who We Are - History

Tyco Waterworks combines some of the most well respected Brands in the UK water industry, giving it a rich and diverse history, and immeasurable value that comes from products with proven quality and service. From the acquisition of Edward Barber & Co Ltd (Ebco) in 1998, Tyco has brought together the leading names of Under Pressure Engineering Ltd (UPE), Atlantic Plastics (Atplas), Samuel Booth, Talbot, Erhard UK and Cast Iron Services (CIS).

These were all highly successful companies in their own right, but their acquisition by Tyco allowed investment and growth well beyond that which they would have been able to achieve individually.

From the development of the original ferrule in the early 20th century, to Pushfit technology used in our service fittings, Tyco Waterworks has been at the forefront of product design and innovation in the water industry for decades. With the continued investment and support from Tyco Flow Control, Tyco Waterworks UK is now furthering its R&D in new products, customer services and lean manufacturing to ensure that we can service the ever changing demands of our customers both today and in the long term.